One Shot 1941

One Shot 1941
It runs in our blood. This is our great-grandma, her first time out with a shotgun. She took this buck and this doe with one slug. She never went hunting again, didn't want to push her luck we suppose!

Friday, December 24, 2010

12 Days of Christmas | Day 11

On the 11th day of ChristmasGo to fullsize imagehas brought us...

Go to fullsize imageThe EagleView. These binoculars feature high-powered, precision-detailed resolution throughout the versatile 8-24x zoom range. Turn-and-slide rubber eyecups enable optimum viewing with or without eyeglasses. Environment-friendly materials are used for the parts. And the compact, lightweight body is easy to handle.

  • 8-24x zoom
  • Unique zoom lever designed for extra-smooth zooming
  • Turn-and-slide rubber eyecups for easy positioning of eyes at the correct eyepoint
  • Multilayer-coated lenses for bright images
  • Close focusing distance: 4m
  • Carbon fiber material in parts of the grip enhance durability
  • Designed for comfortable fit and easy handling
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Parts contain eco-friendly materials
I have used these particular binoculars for several years and have nothing negative to say about them at all. They're extremely easy to use, and their zooming capabilities allow you zoom in very close to your target to judge the animal with extreme accuracy. These are a great pair of binoculars for the beginner on up to advanced hunters. They're compact enough to fit in any zipper pocket, but yet, powerful enough to judge animals at far distances. These are an all around excellent pair of optics and I would recommend them to anyone. Check out to get a pair today.

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