One Shot 1941

One Shot 1941
It runs in our blood. This is our great-grandma, her first time out with a shotgun. She took this buck and this doe with one slug. She never went hunting again, didn't want to push her luck we suppose!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tis The Season

It's time for a season of awards. For people to get dressed up in their best and celebrate their achievements. No, I'm not talking about award season, I am talking about ice fishing tournament season! Around Michigan, this is the time for fisherman to bundle up in their best gear and head out to the rivers and lakes to try and catch that prized crappie, perch, wall-eye, whatever it may be and enter it in their local fishing tournament. Around here, it's the Tip-Up Festival and headed a little more north, it's Shiver On The River. Whatever the name may be, it's time to put your best pole forward. These festivals offer a whole range of activities, prizes and yummy dinners. It's a great time to bond with other fishermen and women and share your most outrageous fish-stories. It's always great to head to the location, usually the local conservation club, and see everyone standing around admiring the trophies. So, this post is to wish us all luck and a shot at that big boy this tournament season!

The Valentines

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